1. Platform Introduction

Billance was founded in 2021. The platform provides secure and stable trading services for mainstream crypto assets such as BTC, ETH, SOL, DOT, and USDC for our global investors.

Billance has been awarded the MSB fiat currency business license from the US federal government and the MTL financial license from 10 states. Further to this, we guard all your assets on Billance with a 20 Million USDT insurance fund.

Billance has within its grasp,industry-leading technology, including a core aggregation engine that is the most advanced technology product of its kind currently in the market. With fault tolerance and extreme processing speed, enabling it to solve all concurrent issues arising from instantaneous huge volumes of transactions, as well as settlements. With the banking-grade SSL encryption, multiple signatures, as well, Hot&Cold wallets separation technologies can strictly protect the security of all user assets.

Billance is one of the safest and most reliable cryptocurrency service platforms currently within the market that global investors can use and benefit from, without the need to worry about potential risks associated with the space, made possible with the use of cutting-edge technologies and pioneering algorithms.

2. Roadmap

2021 Q4:

Billance 1.0 effectively goes live.

Billance aggregation engine in its fully optimized version goes live.

Billance launches a 20 Million insurance fund in partnership with 2 leading asset management institutions.

2022 Q1:

Billance Earn section goes live

Billance partner system 2.0 goes live

Billance fiat currency merchant is fully integrated and becomes accessible

Billance North America office is established for North and South America

2022 Q2:

Billance Launchpad goes live

Billance’s core risk control system 3.0 goes live

Billance’s new version of financial products launched

Billance completes its first round of strategic financing

Billance Middle East office established for the MENA region

2022 Q3:

Billance’s contract trading system 3.0 goes live

Billance ETF marketplace goes live

Billance global office exceeds 4 regions

2022 Q4:

Billance’s core system and aggregation engine 3.0 is released

Billance’s daily trading volume exceeds 3 Billion USDT

Launch of new development roadmap

3. Core Features Are

Ultimate User Experience

●Intelligent Aggregation System

●Millisecond Trading

●7/24 Hour Customer Service

●5 Minutes Response Time


●Multi-Signature Wallet

●Separation of Hot and Cold Wallets

●Professional-Grade Firewall Service Architecture

●Perfect Risk Control System

●20 Million USDT Insurance Fund

●Full Compensation for User Losses Caused By Platform Accidents


●Global Market Depth

●Global Index Prices

●Top Quantitative Team

Compliment Operation

●US MSB Financial License

●MTL Financial License From the US

4. Company Profile

Billance Investment Limited(Billance)was founded in 2021 and is the first company in the world to establish a risk insurance fund with a size of over$20 million to protect the rights and capital of its investors. Billance is committed to providing its global users with both secure, as well, stable trading services for mainstream crypto assets such as BTC, ETH, SOL, DOT, and USDC.

5. Vision and Values

Billance is committed to providing global users with the most convenient, efficient and effective, secure, as well, fairest trading services for cryptocurrency assets.

6. Contact Us

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Join Us: Hr billance.com

By Billance

Billance is one of the safest and most reliable cryptocurrency exchange where global investors can trade crypto assets such as BTC, ETH, SHIB and USDC.